Pressing Pressure Points

At the end of your spine, there is a hollow area we carry stress and tension. 

This area holds 4 Pressure Points that could support in releasing this stress and tension. 

Apply 1-2 droppers full of AllTru® CBD Wellness Oil, and lather in the lower back area. 

Locate the 4 pressure points in the lower back. The four points are approximately  2 finger spaces away from the straight line of your spin, and two finger spaces away from one another. 

5-10 minutes of light pressure in this area will release fatigue, stress, tension, tight muscles, and sore tissue.

Go back and forth between holding and pressing these pressure points with your thumbs, and massaging circles around them with your four fingers pressed together in a straight line. 

Play with different pressure strengths and speeds to find what suits you best any given day. 

It is possible to give yourself this pleasurable pressure point release. But it’s much more fun if you can trade off supporting a partner or friends with this soothing relief.