Reconnection Through Touch

All the fairy tales end with the happy couple riding into the sunset #lovewins.

But what happens as the years add up; work, kids, stress, family, friends, and/or life weigh in; and said happy couple (still deeply in love, if not more so) lose touch with one another and that new love glow?!

Well, they get to make the effort and set aside the time to rebuild the intimacy through actual touch.

Relationship talks, day downloads, pillow talks, travel plans, kid pick up schedules, and any other important or mundane conversations at the end of the day will be something to look forward to, if you add a simple massage into the mix.

Try exchanging a short hand rub, foot rub, shoulder or neck rub using our AllTru® CBD Body Wellness Oil at the end of the day, as you  and your partner wind down for sleep. No need to add a whole production to your already packed schedule. You can start with sharing 10-15 massages, simultaneously massaging one another, or even short 5 minute rubs and see how much you relish this new treat to end your day. Keeping AllTru® CBD Body Wellness Oil handy on your nightstand can help make this a bedtime routine.

Reconnect through touch and watch the oxytocin kick in for a feel good time.