Releasing Tension Today!

Looking to relieve that tension headache?! 

Look no further than the muscles that live around your lower hairline at the back of the skull/neck. 

Trigger points in the sub occipital muscle group where the back of your skull meets the back of your neck are the most common cause of tension headaches. 

Think of this, your neck is working overtime balancing your head, which weights as much as a bowling ball, above your spine.  

To relieve the tension, apply a few drops of AllTru® CBD Wellness Oil to the back of your neck, and use your four fingers pressed together in a straight line to work in the oil from your hairline to the base of your neck. Press firmly at a pressure you are comfortable with. Alternate between straight lines up and down your neck, and also circular motions with your fingers still pressed other in a straight line. 

Make sure to spend a few minutes at your hairline giving the base of your skull some attention, and then work the pressure all the way down to the base of your neck. 

You can apply this massage for yourself, or find a partner and take turns massaging one another. 

Most importantly, remember to relax, release and enjoy! Repeat often.