About Us

Warmest salutations from Kay and Brett, your humble and devoted apothecaries. AllTru® Apothecary began as a passion project. We wanted to create a way to communicate and share connection, the experience of intimacy, and the innate healing powers that we all have within us. Having started our partnership living over 3,000 miles apart, we understand that connection is key to every relationship. We’ve done our best to bottle and share with you the joy, relief, and comfort that we experience through the practice of massage. Now living together in beautiful, sunny Venice, California, we focus on building a healthy community and promoting self-care and altruistic endeavors.

Our mission statement is to produce products made from only the best quality, sustainably sourced natural ingredients, in order to facilitate our customers connecting with one another and themselves through self-care and ritual practices to maintain and enhance vitality. Our ingredients are meticulously curated and infused together through environmentally friendly methods to form powerful elixirs. When we couldn’t find a suitable organic arnica extract on the market, we created our own 100% organic arnica infused with organic MCT oil as the foundation of our Body Wellness Oil. Our arnica extraction is a loving, chemical-free process that takes over 30 days. We source the highest quality CBD extracted from hemp, which has no harmful toxins or irritants. We take pride in our artisanal manufacturing process; each step is made with sincere love and intention.

We believe that each of us has the power to become champions of our own well-being and to help promote the vitality of our community. The saying goes, “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” Therefore, we get to heal and support ourselves, in order to be in a place of optimal potential to support others and make this planet a better place. We believe in celebrating and supporting those who strive to improve our world and humanity. Part of our profits from AllTru® are invested in various charitable endeavors.

We invite you to try our AllTru® Body Wellness Oil for yourself and see the benefits of our all natural, holistic and altruistic products. You’ll appreciate knowing that it’s all true in the ingredients you’re using for your body and spirit!

Balance, positivity, and gratitude are key in life. When we’re not working, you might find us strolling down Venice beach catching the stunning sunsets, chasing adventure in our RV, hiking in the Santa Monica mountains, or traveling and exploring this wonderous world. We have a robust interest in natural healing remedies. We spend a significant amount of our time and energy learning about and practicing various natural therapies; we often forage for and collect our own wild medicinal plants. We love and celebrate nature; it grounds us and makes our hearts sing. We look forward to bringing more of our products to market in the near future! The best is yet to come…

With Love and Gratitude,

Brett and Kay